Spiritual Nature, Origins of Love

  • -Love is spiritual in origin.
  • -Love is the ultimate vibration of the universe.
  • -Love exists in the Unmanifest as well as the Manifest.
  • -In the Unmanifest it is one of the original cosmic determinants issuing out of Delight (Ananda).
  • -Love’s pure spiritual form is the highest form.
  • -Love exists in the Manifest from vital possessiveness to romantic love to true love of anyone to love of the Divine.
  • -We are capable of getting in touch with the higher, spiritual forms of love.
  • -Human love is a form of divine love, though devoid of many of its higher aspects
  • -Pure Love — i.e. Love — is beyond Human Love, though human love can rise to that pure, divine Love.
  • -Pure ‘Love’ is a vibration of the soul. It is the soul communing with other souls.
  • -True Romantic Love has this psychic/soul element.
  • -Pure Love for anyone has this psychic/soul element in full.
  • -Love of he Divine is a higher Love still. The Divine’s Love is the greatest of all Loves, as it is the original vibration of Love.
  • -Human Love is a mixture of higher and lower elements. It indicates the vital aspects that have not risen to their higher nature. Yet human love can evolve to its higher form.
  • -Human love, including romantic love, love of family is mostly selfish.
  • -Selfish human love can rise to a higher love, that has the psychic/soul element, and is the experience of soul communing with soul. Even romantic love can rise to this level.
  • -In the evolution of the universe, there is a movement from lower love to higher love.
  • -As we evolve towards higher love, we move towards the highest spiritual Love of the Creator that was that was the source of the universe.
  • -In the involution of the cosmos from the Divine Source, there was a lessening of consciousness, and hence a reduction in pure Love. In the evolution we reverse that.

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