On Various Forms of Love

Love is of the Spirit.
Spirit emerging through ananda catching the soul is love,
Spirit-Mind-Vital-body are the grades.
Body seeks relief in physical relationship.
As soon as relief is there, body forgets.
Vital seeks relationship, enjoys relationship, feels expansive
Seeks the fulfillment in physical relationship.
When relief is there, it does not forget, it loves the relationship.
Vital relationship can be given by anyone. It is not particular.
Anyone can replace the beloved. He will be (or she) equally enjoyable. 
Mind is idealistic. It idolizes the person.
The person is not replaceable. Mental loyalty is not transferable. 
It never seeks physical relationship until and unless the vital is assured 
formalities and ceremonies are over,
Even then for a Mental idealism physical relationship is not so much
a consummation as a concession to child bearing.
What enjoys is the Mind, what energizes is the vital, the physical
proximity is ennobling.
Spirit is still higher. It comes as Love to the Soul via Ananda.
It is a relationship of spiritual purity and thus powerful.
Its mental idealism is almost worship.
Its vital relationship is as intense as physical relationship.
The actual physical relationship is distasteful or even disgusting.
Only when the Spirit is available from both sides it matures.
Even in the Spirit there are grades
At the topmost level should both find themselves, physical relationship is that
of God enjoying Man.


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