Human to Divine Love

47Human love of partner is the ordinary love we see between two individuals. It is special but more often than not fleeting or unfulfilling. True human love of partner (i.e. true romantic love) is a very special form, a rarer form of love for the partner. It is the linking of souls. Few have it because we are satisfied with lesser love. It is marked by romance, i.e. romance of life. True love of anyone is selfless giving without any expectation in return. It is beyond any form of human love, including human true love. It is spiritual in nature as it is in essence a movement from soul to (any) soul. The highest love of all is the love and surrender to the Divine Spirit itself. Self-giving to the Divine opens us up to the infinite potential of life, and ultimate Joy and Delight of being. It is a path that enables a vast leap in our evolutionary possibilities


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